Bullying and Self Esteem for Elementary Grades


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Bullying Titles:

Apples and Oranges
Grades 4-7
Apples and Oranges is an ideal discussion-starter to teach children about the negative effects of certain words and bullying behaviour. In this fun and thought-provoking video, children's paintings magically transform into two animated adventures of Anta, Habib and Jeroux as they deal with homophobia and bullying at school. Artfully woven into these short animated stories are film clips of an actual class discussion between an equity educator and elementary school students. In a lively talk about why names are bad and hurtful, stereotypes about gays and lesbians are dismantled and new views are put into place by the children themselves. Apples and Oranges challenges young viewers to think about their responses to people and families different from their own. (2003 ; 17 min.)


Don't Be So Bossy (VHS only)
Grades P-2
This workshop is designed for students grades primary to grade 2 to help children understand the consequences of bossy behaviour and the ways in which it can hurt people's feelings and diminish their sense of self-worth. By identifying with the characters and familiar situations, children will better understand the importance of respecting one another and treating their peers as equals. Children who have been the victims of bossiness will learn some ways that they can stand up for themselves and discourage others from bossing them around. (2002 ; 19 min.)


Don't Call Me Names (VHS only)
Grades P-2
Name calling is one of the ways young children express their anger or frustration. But to the child being called names, it can be painful and damaging. This program uses vignettes to highlight the reasons behind name calling and the effect it has on others, and to show children how to be more assertive so they can stop others from calling them names. The host introduceds the problem of name calling with five realistic situations such as: name calling hurts, why people call names, say how you feel, pretend not to hear, and speak up for a friend. Includes teacher's guide with discussion questions and reproducible masters. (2000 ; 15 min.)


Grades P-3
Milo is losing his lunchbox, and humiliating himself on the playground. He would like to be invincible like his comic book hero, Captain Cosmo, but this shy grade one student lives in a lonely, blurry world. Milo gets his first pair of glasses which help Milo to excel in class and on the playground. Full of self confidence, Milo loses sight of who are his true friends. This animated program explores how difficult it can be when you don't see things the same way everyone else does. (2001 ; 23 min.)


How I Learned Not To Be Bullied (VHS only)
Grades 4-6
Being a bully's target can be a painful experience, resulting in a loss of self esteem and feelings of isolation for many children. This program features Eric who finds Scott a convenient target bullying him at the bus stop, and Theresa bullies Jeannette at every opportunity. Scott and Jeannette summarize the program with an analysis of bullies' motives and tips for handling bullies. (1996 ; 15 min.)


Planting The Seeds Of Peace
Healthy P-2
Students learn the importance of treating others with respect; making friends with children from different cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds; and speaking out if they observe someone else being teased or bullied. (2008, 20 min.)



Self-esteem Titles:

My Best Me
Grades 3-5
This video using dramatic vignettes, students learn that self-esteem is determined by how much we value ourselves and our abilities. (2006, 15 min.)


Proud To Be Me
Grades 3-5
Emphasizes the power of positive self-talk; encourages students to concentrate on what they can do, not what they can’t do. (2007, 20 min.)



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