Bullying and Self Esteem for Junior and Senior High


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Bullying Titles:

Bullying, The Internet and You
Grades 5-9
With the remarkable speed of the Internet at their disposal, teens are spreading rumors and gossip, embarrassing, and tormenting their peers with a newfound anonymity that emboldens them. This program takes a look bullying and harassment as it manifests itself on the Internet. (2005, 22 min.)


Cruel Schools
Grades 7-9
Taunting, teasing, and the playground brawl used to be considered child's play. The schoolyard bully was just another rite of passage in adolescent life. Most teens and experts say bullying is the first step of a continuum of school violence that can escalate to murder. Segments include the following: Bullying and violence; Don't join in; Tell someone; Get help; Be a part of the solution. (2004 ; 24 min.)


Developing Healthy Relationships
Grades 7-9
Objectives of this program include: identifying personal support systems and understanding the benefits of using them; fostering open communication with adults; recognizing trust and honesty as a critical foundation for all relationships; learning the qualities of true friendhsip and be able to navigate changes in friendships; understanding the effect of peer pressure; and, developing effective refusal skills. (2003 ; 30 min.)

Getting Along With Others
Grades 7-9
Objectives of this program include: applying problem solving skills to everyday school activities; learning the value of assertive, rather than aggressive, approaches to interpersonal conflict; developing positive ways to deal with rumours; strengthening mediation and negotiation skills that can help prevent and resolve conflict; and, communicating effectively through the use of "I" messages and active listening. (2003 ; 30 min.)

In Other Words 
Grades 7-12
Speaks directly to teens and offers a valuable tool to teachers, counsellors and community youth leaders who want to explore the homophobic language heard in schools and other youth hangouts--the words themselves, their origins, how young people feel about them, and how to overcome the hurt and anger they cause. Teacher preview recommended (2001 ; 27 min.)


One of Them
Grades 7-12
Freedom from bullying, name calling and violence motivates the high school seniors in this school-based drama. (2000 ; 26 min.)


Grades 7-9
Objectives of this program include: exploring respect as a fundamental social value; understanding how disrespect causes conflict; recognizing respect as a step towards eliminating prejudice; realizing the impact of stereotyping on individuals; and, understanding the relationship between empathy and respect. (2003 ; 30 min.)


Standing Tall : Learning Assertive Skills
Grades 6-8
Teasing, bullying, peer pressure. These are all behaviors that are challenging for middle school students. How should they respond when bullies, cliques, and even friends make them feel bad or treat them disrespectfully? (2006, 20 min.)

Self-esteem Titles:

The Beauty Myth
Grade 12 ; Media Studies
Naomi Wolf exposes "The Beauty Myth" from historical industrial revolution to today's billion dollar diet and beauty industry. This program encourages critical thinking about media, advertising, health, body image, and beauty. (2009, 50 min.)

Building Self Esteem
Grades 7-9
Students will learn nine steps to building self-esteem, including clarifying values, building positive relationships, setting goals, and accepting and liking yourself just the way you are. (2009, 27 min.)


Have a Healthy Self Concept
Grades 7-12
Shows teens how to develop the healthy self-concept that will enable them to set challenging goals, forge supportive, positive friendships, and develop an optimistic outlook toward their lives and futures. (2006, 18 min.)

Sexual Pressure
Grades 7-9
Sexual harassment often begins in middle school and escalates through high school. This program focuses on how teens learn to deal with treating the opposite sex. Segments include the following: Sexual dangers; Something's Wrong; Cyber dangers; It's called harassment; What's right for you (2004, 24 min.)

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