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Agression in Young Children : The Interactive Guide to Observing, Understanding and Intervening (2 DVDs)
Are hitting, biting and bullying normal behaviours in young children? When do such behaviours start? Do they stop all on their own? What can you do to make sure they don’t continue? Why are some children more aggressive than others? When should you start to worry? This interactive DVD uses direct observations filmed in natural settings, exercises, quizzes and interviews with experts in childhood aggression. (2010 ; 180 min.)


Bullying : Gaining Insight
Promotes discussion amongst school staff who deal with conflict issues relating to their students. This video examines the ways adults can effectively identify and intervene in bullying situations. (2002, 36 min.)


Students and Self Destructive Behaviour
This teacher professional resource promotes discussion amongst school staff who deal with conflict issues relating to their students. This video examines strategies and appropriate steps school staff members can employ when dealing with troubled students. (2002, 49 min.)

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