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The beauty myth : the culture of beauty, psychology and the self (DVD)
Grades 10-12
Naomi Wolf exposes "The Beauty Myth," reveals why "beauty" must be understood within the power structures of political and economic systems, and illustrates why the Beauty Myth has nothing to do with appearances - but, instead, with channeling female identity into an ever-narrowing sphere of consumption, competition, and anxiety. The program is divided into six segments: Revolution and Subversion; The Ideal and "Preoccupation"; The Calorie Obsession; Modified Bodies & Sexuality; Aging as Disease; Reclaiming Beauty and Identity. (2009 ; 50 min.)


Bullying : the internet and you (DVD)
Grades 5-9
With the remarkable speed of the Internet at their disposal, teens are spreading rumors and gossip, embarrassing, and tormenting their peers with a newfound anonymity that emboldens them. This program takes a look bullying and harassment as it manifests itself on the Internet. Students, who have suffered at the hands of Internet bullies, speak openly about their painful experiences. Experts on Internet safety offer practical advice to help teens protect themselves and limit the opportunities others have for bullying or harassing them online. (2005 ; 22 min.)


Caught in the net : exercising caution and critical thinking on the Internet (VHS)
Grades 7-12
This video explores the risks of getting too personal on the Internet. "Street-proofing" techniques for children and young people on the Information Highway are provided. The tape lining includes important Internet safety tips. Teachers are urged to prepare themselves before showing this video to students by exploring some newsgroups and Internet sites. Some viewers may have experienced incidents similar to those alluded to in the video and may need special assistance to deal with their responses. (1997 ; 14 min.)


Media literacy (DVD)
Grades 7-12
Our world is saturated with media -- a constant stream of words, pictures and sounds, surrounding us every day and influencing our thoughts and action. Media literacy is the ability to understand these messages and make informed decisions by learning to access, analyze, evaluate, and even create various forms of media. By examining examples from the advertising, news, entertainment and political arenas, students will discover many techniques and motives behind media messages, and how to develop their own interpretations and opinions. (2004 ; 23 min.)


Media literacy : the new basic (VHS) 
Teacher professional development
This video introduces one of the fastest growing, most urgently needed movement in education today. Teachers, parents, industry and critics all argue that media education must become the core curriculum for the information age. For better or worse, media has become the primary way we receive information and ideas. Teachers and advocates demonstrate proven techniques for teaching students to "read" the media critically and to "write" or produce media for themselves. (1996 ; 56 min.)


Sexual harassment : what you can do (DVD)
Grades 7-12
It is estimated that four out of five teenagers experience sexual harassment at school. Many harassers see their behavior as nothing more than harmless teasing. Often, victims of sexual harassment feel powerless and don't know what they can do to protect themselves. Many bystanders, who watch silently or laugh, don't understand the part they play in perpetuating this behavior and the responsibility they have to stop it. A group of teens discuss the reality of life in high school today: how to tell the difference between unwanted attention and flirting, the influence of the media, what victims and bystanders can do, and the importance of reporting sexual harassment when it happens. (2007 ; 20 min.)


Sexual stereotypes in the media
Grades 10-12
We divide the world into two groups -- male and female. However when these stereotypes are used to make assumptions about a person's character and value, they become gender bias or sexism. This program illustrates some of the commercial, cultural, psychological, and sociological forces that have shaped sexual stereotypes in the media. Teacher preview is suggested. (2008 ; 38 min.)


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