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I am not an author or developer of a resource currently under consideration for acquisition by the Department of Education, nor am I contracted to produce a resource for submission for consideration by the Department.

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Applicable Essential Graduation Learnings: 
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Aesthetic Expression 
Problem Solving 
Personal Development 
Technological Competence

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Appropriate Audience for resource (special needs, visual learner, etc.)

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Pedagogical Evaluation

Summarize the content of the program:

Describe how this resource complements and/or replaces any resources currently
authorized or recommended for use within the program or course identified above.



Is this the most appropriate medium for this learning experience? 


How does the resource support or promote student creativity, analysis, decision making and problem solving?

List support materials available with the resource.

What, if any, additional support materials would be useful?

Identify any bias evident in this resource.

How is the resource culturally inclusive?

Comment on the perspective/viewpoint of the resource and its appropriateness for students at this grade level.

Describe how you would use the resource with learners:

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